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Weight Matters Magazine

The OAC is proud to present our most popular resource: Weight Matters Magazine. One of the most celebrated benefits of OAC’s Premium Access Membership add-on, this quarterly publication offers a variety of articles designed to educate readers on all topics concerning weight and health. Delivered directly to your mailbox four times a year, each issue contains articles on a wide array of topics like nutrition, exercise, health and wellness, motivation, obesity treatments and more!

Current Issue of Weight Matters Magazine

With the snow and cold weather blowing in, it’s the perfect time to get cozy and grab the latest version of the Weight Matters Magazine!

Our Winter 2022 Weight Matters Magazine holds important information about access to obesity care and an article encouraging children to be confident and not put their worth into their weight!

A Look Inside:

Our Winter issue is filled with educational information that will help you understand why body fat clusters in certain areas and what the future of telehealth in obesity care will look like.

This issue also holds an inspiring OAC Community Perspectives story about OAC Member, Karen Two Shoes, who advocates for the health of Native America as part of the Seminole Tribe of Florida.

Click here to download the current issue.

Take a look at the below links for articles featured in the current issue of Weight Matters Magazine:

Past Weight Matters Magazine Issues (Premium Access Resource)

We’ve made past issues of the Weight Matters Magazine available online. Our magazine archive consists of more than 500 articles that contain quality education on obesity, nutrition, exercise, support and more. Click below to access past magazine articles as a premium level resource.

View the OAC Magazine Archive (Premium Access)